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Elena Powers

Elena Powers has a special love for Alaska that’s enticed her to make it her home since 2009. She has served the State of Alaska as a Public Health Nurse for 10 years. She is now semi-retired from nursing and serving as the project manager for Caring Hearts and vitals nurse for Hats of Wisdom client's receiving medication management services. 

In her free time, Elena enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking. Making and appreciating art, baking bread, reading are all examples of things you might find Elena doing when she’s not out enjoying nature and the travel opportunities she’s found to love about Alaska. She marvels at the beauty and people she meets during her travels throughout the state. She says that the beauty of the state and people within it are what makes Alaska such a wonderful place to live.

“My faith is my foundation so it is a privilege to work as Client Care Coordinator for Hats of Wisdom and volunteer with the developing Caring Hearts program.” – Elena