Notice of Upcoming Insurance Billing Changes

There are upcoming changes to our practice that will impact clients using Medicaid for billing.

Please see our “Rates & Insurance” page, which can be found by hovering over the “Services” tab for details.


For information on our Caring Hearts Program… hover over “services,” then select “Caring Hearts Home Care Service.”


To reflect the expansion of services and programs Hats of Wisdom offers, we have updated our mission statement!

Our new mission statement is threefold:

1. To offer quality mental health for our community, families, and

2. To support individuals as they become mentally healthy members of
society and give back through outreach and volunteerism.

3. To promote and collaborate with specific services that incorporate these
concepts and offer “caring hearts” to those lacking essential needs.

Our Staff


Josie Barry, LPC-S Marriage and Family Counseling

Trish Gilson, Remote Counselor

Debra Hoffmann, Remote Counselor










Jason Goldsmith, Remote Counselor

Vic Downing, Remote Counselor









Elena Powers, Client Care Coordinator

Bryanna Wimberly, Administrator / Client Care Coordinator

Amanda Whittemore, Admin. Assistant

Tressie Case,
Caring Hearts Assistant