New Services For Seniors

Great News!!

Hats of Wisdom has added new services to our non-profit organization.

We are doing this through the many volunteers that would like to help out in their community.

Our new mission statement is threefold:

1. To offer quality mental health for our community, families, and

2. To support individuals as they become mentally healthy members of
society and give back through outreach and volunteerism.

3. To promote and collaborate with specific services that incorporate these
concepts and offer “caring hearts” to those lacking essential needs.

If you are interested in helping or need services please check out the Caring Hearts page.

And of course, please reach out if in need of mental health counseling for you or your family, we would love to help with that too.

Please check out our other website pages for more information.

Our Staff


Josie Barry, LPC-S Marriage and Family Counseling

Trish Gilson, Remote Counselor

Debra Hoffmann, Remote Counselor










Jason Goldsmith, Remote Counselor

Vic Downing, Remote Counselor









Elena Powers, Client Care Coordinator

Bryanna Wimberly, Office Administrator